This made me laugh. Apparently The Deftones are having a moment on TikTok?

There have been all kinds of questions from olds on Twitter about why The Deftones are having a moment right now and as someone who has written a lot about how TikTok has impacted alternative music over the last few years, I wanted to offer a guess. There is, of course, the sort of heavy and goth aesthetic of the songs which zoomers seem to like, but, also, TikTok songs, regardless of genre, all have moments that you can easily edit videos around. Usually it’s a drop, but The Deftones have a lot of those “quiet 90s rock guy with a goatee whispering about sex stuff” to “loud guitars being played by a guy whose shorts are long enough to be pants” transition parts. Which are perfect for TikTok edits.

Rian van der Merwe Elezea // The B-Sides