🔗 🎵 How “Grand Theft Auto” Is Changing the Way the World Experiences Music

These are some staggering numbers, from a really interesting Rolling Stone article:

In the five years since launch, GTA V and GTA Online gamers have listened to more than an estimated 75 billion minutes of music from the game’s 18 radio stations. Taking place inside the game’s bars and now in player-run clubs, the music is produced by its four well-known DJs, including the Black Madonna.

I’m fascinated by this whole thing:

The biggest effort to date, however, came with the release of a massive update to GTA Online called “After Hours.” The expansion adds to the already absurdly large, multi-faceted farcical recreation of life in Los Angeles, the ability to purchase your own nightclub, run it legitimately or as a front for organized crime and hire DJs to keep the place packed.

The free game addition came with renowned deep house DJ Solomun as a signed act. Over the course of four weeks, the game also added Tale of Us, Dixon and the Black Madonna. Instead of licensing a few songs from each, Rockstar decided to do something much deeper: They wanted to recreate the DJs themselves in the game, injecting not just their music, but their personalities into it the virtual world.

Rian van der Merwe Elezea // The B-Sides