🔗 The Persistent Myth of Speed and ‘Productivity’

Virginia Heffernan for Wired:

It’s not immoral to want relief from being too slow, scared, and fat—too disappointing to your commanders. But chasing relief with speed could set you up for brain damage and psychosis. Worse, under the guise of fraud liberation, it locks you into life-draining repetition. You think you’re being gloriously “productive”—even if what you’re producing is expense reports and Fortnite kills—without noticing that you’re missing the reasons for being: food, books, reflection, reform, engagement, adventure, rest, and meaningful work.

I can relate to this sentiment that our society’s views on “productivity” are pretty messed up. I feel like I’m constantly looking for ways to slow down my life.

Rian van der Merwe Elezea // The B-Sides