To hear

To hear

Over the past few months I’ve been dealing with some health issues related to my ears and hearing. I’ve been trying out a bunch of things to try to make it better. One of the more surprisingly effective “treatments” (there isn’t really a treatment for this) has been ending the day by listening to what I guess is officially called “post-classical”. Aside from it being beautiful music, the vinyl packaging is usually excellent, and always comes with a hi-res WAV download (as opposed to the crappy mp3’s that come with most vinyl).

It also got me thinking about something else. I can almost see the eye-rolls and hear the exasperated exclamations of “ugh, these Portland hipsters” as some people read this. It reminded me about something I need to be mindful of as well. When someone claims that something they’re doing helps with a particular ailment they have, the appropriate response is to, you know, BELIEVE THEM.

We need to judge less, have more open minds.

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