To earn profit is hard, to do so in an outsized way is very hard and to do so with consistency shows a defensibility of market access that is rarest of all. The only cases where this typical is in a monopoly or protected market situation (aka cronyism.) Apple’s lack of market monopoly coupled with a (near-) monopoly in profits can only be explained by disproportionate value creation.
Horace Dediu, Invaluable

Great article on net neutrality by Dr. Drang:

The problem of paying for my stuff being delivered on your infrastructure was solved long ago by that high tech industry of the 19th century, the railroads. There are many railroads in the U.S., and they own and run the tracks in their domains. To deliver goods from one part of the country to another, they have to work together to hand off goods at their boundaries and arrange scheduling and fair payment. This is the original “last mile” problem.